I’m dropping the sugar for Spring Break. I’m having none of this processed refined crap we put in our bodies and get addicted to in such a way that entire societies think it’s perfectly acceptable, normal and expected. This stuff is just bad for us — it’s bad for me. It puts me in a bad place, mentally. And I’ve been eating a lot of it.

Now I’ll ask you to bear with me for a second. This blog is meant to talk about trekking places, correct? And now my first real post, and the first post on this blog in such an incredibly long time, is just about sugar? I mean, sugar is not exactly a foreign concept. It’s not even a place. It’s just… sugar. 

But sugar has incredible consequences. It has consequences directly on our bodies, our mental health, the people around us and even the globe. It’s entrenched in our politics and it has an incredible hold on the economy. But let’s not get into too much too quickly. We’ve got an entire break to talk about all of that.

For now, let’s stick to me. Because this is where I’m starting. And I feel like my consumption has spiked through the roof of acceptable lately. There is a bit of a reason for this. Not an acceptable reason by any means, but a reason all the same. It’s personal, and a story for another day, but let’s just say that getting dumped makes me eat like an entire pint of ice cream and drink lots of soda and consume a bit of chocolate, too, and just… ugh. It’s too much. And the thing about sugar is that it feels good to eat it, but a bit after stopping the cravings start. And then a few hours later it’s the headaches and the fuzziness of thought. And I’m not even going into the fact that fat just eats this stuff up. All these consequences mean that while I’m writing this, mere hours from when I last drank a soda and ate honey-vanilla Greek yogurt, I’m feeling the consequences of these actions. My thoughts aren’t very clear, and my body isn’t very happy, and somehow my brain has had the thought within the last few minutes that a piece of chocolate would be fantastic right now when in fact, that piece of chocolate would just make the situation worse. I’ve downed like a liter of water since then in an attempt to flush out the system, but this isn’t going to go away very quickly. And I seriously need to just quit cold turkey, and detox from it all. 

A quick body survey before the beginning of this little experiment: a light headache and sub-par brain speed is noticeable. I feel distracted, and my thoughts are difficult to align onto a task. Writing this is not without its distractions. My body is feeling not quite right. I don’t feel like exercising or doing anything active at all. I’m rather tired but that may simply be because it’s already past midnight. Overall: low energy levels, distracted head-achy brain. 

Tomorrow morning I’ll detail exactly what coffee tastes like without sugar to mellow out some of those bitter tones. I don’t actually have any breakfast foods in the house right now aside from one sad egg sitting in the fridge, alone, alongside a gallon of milk. I may pick up some fruit before heading to class. I’ll mesh out what exactly constitutes sugar-free eating tomorrow as well, and I’ll have to take a stance on bread: are those two tablespoons per loaf enough to make me avoid the stuff for the extent of the experiment? And if so, what exactly are my alternatives? And how much stuff is sugar actually in, exactly? It seems like an awful lot. This break is going to be long and arduous, but hopefully also interesting. I’ll start it gung-ho and see where I end up.