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So I baked bread… and ate it all. Because I am an awful person. My stomach is complaining, by the way. Or rather my digestive track… *shudders* I’m thinking of getting back on track tomorrow. No one has to know about my slip up, right? Especially not the sugar I put in my coffee this afternoon…. I’m an awful person.

And I spent like 6 hours today on this: Image

I have twins. Please, calm your excitement. (although I can’t even hold my own. Ohmaigawsh they’re so cute.)

As the trend has been, they’ll be up on Etsy when the light is good. The photo above is rather awful because desk lamps aren’t the greatest for product photography.

Also! I’m doing something actually sort of travel related tomorrow: skydiving. And holy shit I’m nervous. And I shouldn’t have told my mum. Because she is freaking out. My friend went with the strategy of telling the parents after he’s already back on the ground… and that may have been best. But I’ll try and take some pics of the way there! Although the weather is supposed to be sort of terrible tomorrow. Yikes. *Filled with useless worries*



They’re now in my Etsy shop. Or, they’re coming up one by one today. Here’s the first one:

And of course, the shop home page: