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I ate bread. And it was absolutely delicious.

My friend took me out to an Indian place to have lunch. And I had curry with rice and unsweetened ice tea and *gasp* naan. And the naan was heavenly. It was just really fucking good. And so bread is most definitely back in my diet. *sigh* Whelp, this run was good while it lasted. I’m sticking with unsweetened everything, but bread is in. Which means I know what I’m baking today. (Unf, baking. I love it so much.)

I posted one more of those cute little birds, by the way. I can’t get over how positively adorable they are. The friend I was eating lunch with (and who allowed me to eat bread. What a bad guy.) suggested I make an army. I’m thinking about taking this advice seriously, and whipping up some armor for these guys. Little pikes and shields… perhaps helmets. Yes, please.

Anyway, if you’d like a currently unarmed bird, here:




They’re now in my Etsy shop. Or, they’re coming up one by one today. Here’s the first one:

And of course, the shop home page: