Alright, first of all: I am grateful to the God that created Dutch pancakes because unf, those are delicious. Instead of putting sugar on top like I usually do, I mixed minced apples and bananas into the batter, and the intention was to put some more on top but the leftover apple and banana ended up in my stomach while I was still frying up the batter. Also, as usual, coffee with milk was part of breakfast.

ImageThe thing is, I still miss sugary stuff. I’m highly motivated as of this moment so I’m not going to eat any sugar, but I also can’t deny that coffee is better with a little bit of sugar and those pancakes just weren’t quite sweet enough. Eventually, hopefully, this feeling will pass. My pantry is still stocked for several more days with all sorts of delicious foods, so I shall be quite good until it runs out. Not facing places that sell sweet foods might be the best idea right now. Yesterday I drove past a Chic-Fil-A and it was like I was already tasting their sweet tea… and I hardly ever order their sweet tea.

But on that drive I experienced some things that were equally sweet, one of them being cows. It was cold and sleeting and incredibly unpleasant outside. I got lost in the backroads of Kentucky because I felt like getting away for a little bit, and when I feel like getting away I drive stupid. My phone’s navigation was freaking out in this unknown territory. When I pulled to the side of the road I pulled over next to a small pasture, and while sitting there I noticed this huddle of cows at the side nearest me. Two of these fellows noticed a human sitting in a car next to their pasture, and came to have a closer look. Their adorable faces peaking through the fence reminded me of exactly why I prefer these animals alive over sitting on my plate. They’re just so incredibly beautiful. The mutual curiosity, too, struck me in a strange way. It was a beautifully sweet moment.

ImageThis is one of the things I’ve noticed these last few days — there are things much sweeter than a sweet tea, and infinitely more worth while. The feeling of seeing a flat stomach in the mirror is one of those, but so is being noticed by a few young cows or expanding one’s yarn stash or making some adorable amigurumi animals for friends. It’s all much better than any cake could taste.

[Those amigurumi animals are quite cute by the way: 

Image These little guys will be up for sale in my Etsy store before the end of the day too, actually. They’re all incredibly cute, and rather small, and also incredibly time-consuming to make. But owning one is so very worth it! They’re undeniably adorable. I’m working on a larger pattern too, as we speak, but that guy is months in the making, and won’t be done any time soon.  

Which reminds me! I’m open for commissions, any time. So message me! I’m always looking for something new to make.]


The point is, I’m enjoying this challenge quite a lot right now. The elimination of something that is typically a staple in my life forces me to get creative with food, and work out new ways to eat well. I’m eating more greens, reds, yellows and pretty much all other colors too, while lowering my intake of unhealthy foods and still being able to eat a pancake every once in a while. This doesn’t mean I’m not planning on baking a cake next Monday, but it does mean that this is indeed not a crazy idea, and actually makes me feel rather good. The first few days were difficult, but as promised on day 4 I feel pretty alright.