Okay, alright. I need to pump myself up. I’m watching Food Network and oh, those desserts look so beautiful and tempting. Can I pretty pretty pleasssse? But no. No freaking way. Because I’ve got so many days in my life, and these ten are devoted to this. I’m going to nail this so hard, man.

But the thing is, I still don’t feel all too fantastic. I feel kind of crappy, actually. And there’s still that light headache that comes and goes. But earlier today I felt quite awesome. It might be now because I’ve had a pretty long day. And I’ve been a bit emotional because in Kentucky I don’t quite have all that support that a family and my pets give me in Arizona. I love this place but sometimes, it’s just incredibly tough. This might come down to the “emotionally sensitive” on that list from last time too, though.

Today’s food consists of an omelet, a bunch of nuts, a salad, a veggie patty, an apple, strawberries and a banana, and a cup of coffee. It’s good stuff, man. I mean, I feel like I’ve eaten a lot today. And there also seems to be something missing…. Which is probably because I haven’t eaten anything “bread” in three days. And I love bread. And it contains sugar. (I actually had a small bite of bread this evening, but it was kinda old and stale and just… nope.)

There’s also this thing about fruit: it contains a lot of sugar, too. And I’m wondering about the sheer amount of fruit I’ve been eating…. At this point I’m saying “screw it.” I’m doing enough as it is. Eliminating so much of my regular diet is a mental battle already. I think of going out and getting caramel macchiattos and baking souffle and eating a pint of ice cream. I mean… the addiction is real, man. I also think it may be really nice to have a drink tonight.

I’ve got to be strong. Let’s not lie: I want a pretty little slim body, too. A “wow, you look great” would be nice from a certain someone, anyway. And I mean there are girls that live off coffee. Should I really be complaining? Therefore, I shall push on. Without bread. Without sugar. And I shall be healthy and beautiful. Pep talk: done.