Let me tell you a little bit about the goals of this blog

I plan to blog about places.

If personal stuff gets in the way, I guess that’s cool, too.

I’m traveling a lot right now, going to all sorts of places, and I thought some of you on the net might be interested.

I am also a terrible blogger. I’m a chronic blog-abandoner, and it seems I just can’t keep a commitment.

So if that happens here, I’m sorry.

I should say I do want to make a long-term commitment to this project. I would love to build it for the next three years or longer, and keep it current. I’d like to make it a little bit higher in quality every time I take the time to look at it, and hopefully it will start to rival the great travel columns of the world.

But mostly, I just want people to read my writing.

This, I suppose you could say, is a portfolio of sorts. I’ll write to my heart’s content, and go through several drafts, and hopefully one day invest in a decent camera and yes, if you want to hire me to write a piece or pay for my plane ticket to some exotic or domestic place, I’d be more than happy to take that opportunity.

In the mean time, I’ll show you what I’m doing now.